Classic Soane is created in homage to the Regency architect Sir John Soane and his refined classical vernacular. Acting as if employed by Sir John himself, emfoundry becomes one of his favoured contractors, charged with the application of ‘Soane’ sensibility upon a definitive roman display face. Or perhaps as one of his assistants or students (known as ‘improvers’), distracted from architecture for a moment, attempting to discover the pure essence of soanean teachings through the design

of classical letters.
The intention was to create a strong typeface; well grounded to the baseline (i.e. with a firm foundation) that fully captures Soane’s use of a pure classical aesthetic. Utilising his signature features such as the shallow arch; his influential multiple relieving and ‘blind’ arches; the use of scrolled pediment volutes; and his reductivist and classically composed use of the Gothic. His visually simplified tuscan and doric classical orders, and his primitivist brickweave (triglyph) cornice impart their influence over the fonts ornaments. And features his preferred use of particular Greek neoclassical elements, such as the Greek anthemion utilised as a corner

antefix or acroterion.


Classic Soane


(Rule) Ornaments