Gothic Window Design undertakes design commissions and consultancy for period vernacular buildings. His commissions have included doors, windows, and kitchen units. His research has led him to create and archive drawings for the reinstatement of fast disappearing architectural elements such as iron railings, period oak beams - even cottage garden well-heads.


Some of his drawings and design projects are archived below. He has recently been working on scale design drawings for contemporary wooden gothic arched windows that blend with existing 19th century gothic originals. These designs utilise modern ultra slim argon filled and coated double glazing units to optimise heat efficiency in both summer and winter.


Jon Melton continues to offer design consultancy to industry, advising on both typography and period buildings, and has exchanged knowledge and restoration expertise with contractors and research organisations such as the Norfolk Historic Buildings Group.

    Designs for Gothic Style Hood Mould Windows, utilising ultra slim double glazing

    Archived drawing for mid Victorian Cottage Well-head

    Archived drawing for traditional Belfast/Butlers Scullery Sink Unit

    Design for the reinstatement of Victorian Iron Railings and Side Gate

    Drawing for the reinstatement of period Oak Posts, Saddle and Beams