The Showcase pages display some recent emfoundry type designs and typographic projects, published or exhibited type specimens as well as the ongoing practice-based research of Jon Melton.


Jon Melton produced a boxed set of card designs using emfoundry fonts, for the ongoing Type Tarts Project organised by The Typographic Hub. These specimens are ultimately going to form part of the St Bride Library collection. They were exhibited in London at KKOutlet from the 22th - 29th June 2009 to coincide with the launch of the special 'Sex' July issue of Wallpaper* magazine. This ongoing project was featured again in the November issue of Wallpaper* magazine 2015. Jon's collection of cards were also displayed up until recently online on the magazines website aswell as the blog of Eye magazine. The Tart Card exhibition came to the Ruskin Gallery at the CSA in April 2010. When Jon exhibited a new card in context to celebrate the face Classic Soane. The cards 'on tour' - were exhibited at the Birmingham School of Art in December 2011, and then at the Plymouth College of Art in the January and in Manchester Media City in February 2012. A book of the project containing (amongst many others) the emfoundry Type Tart Card series, is hopefully still planned for publication and launch sometime in the future.


Emfoundry's Russian Revolt was utilised for headings to create an authentic 'Constructivist' feel in the article on the Russian Baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky in the 2010 June issue of BBC Music magazine. But it's a pity they didn't use it for the main title! The poster specimens of both Russian and Cuban Revolt were published back in 2007 in Issue 2 of Ultrabold, with the latest specimens for Classic Soane being released within a historical article about the typeface and work of the architect Sir John Soane in Ultrabold Issue 9, 2011.


Emfoundry was asked to exhibit a specimen of Classic Soane for the exhibition Types for the New Century at The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, London, in May 2012, alongside leading type designers such as Gerard Unger, Martin Majoor, Jon Barnbrook to name but a few. This exhibition travelled to Bristol University in October 2012, Northumbria University in November 2012, then Birmingham, Brighton and around Europe including the Bauhaus Wiemar and the Museum for Druck-Kunst in Leipzig in 2013 - and then Dublin in 2014. Jon is currently designing a partner font to Classic Soane called Pure Soane Sans and it is hoped that this will be completed in 2016.


Simon Loxley designer, author and the editor of Ultrabold, used Empire Initials in a recent book design proposal, but sadly an alternative design was selected. But a specimen of Empire Initials was used as an example of Ornamental Revival on p.95 of Will Hill's revised edition of The Complete Typographer published by Thames & Hudson in 2010. And more recently for a cover design by Simon Loxley on 'How Britain won the war of 1812' written by Brian Arthur, published by Boydell Press in 2011. A free poster specimen of these ornamental letters is available for a limited period in 2015-16 to download below.


Jon Melton utilised his experience and knowledge of type design to oversee and direct a new typeface for the World Oral Literature Project for Yale and Cambridge University last year. This face was produced by two of his students along with web based and print designs for branding. The intention was to achieve the visually audible font (later named Ekho) that would represent the research project's breadth of activities - recording and archiving endangered language and dialects from around the globe. Sadly, funding has not as yet allowed this excellent work to be adopted.


He has recently designed a new typeface informed by the 17th century cartographer John Ogilby and the engravers that worked on the 1675 Britannia atlas map plates such as Wenceslas Hollar. The font was launched at the Printing Historical Society's conference in November last year within a paper about the 'colourful life' of Ogilby. Jon has also embarked upon a new academic research project that explores the historical origins of Christian symbolism. has also recently been engaged in designing period style gothic hoodmoulded and mullioned windows that utilise the latest technology of ultra slim double-glazing units. This argon filled and coated glazing technology allowed his design to achieve fine glazing bars in slow-grown softwood frames - appropriate to the Regency 'cottage orné' period of the building.

Emfoundry Type Tart Cards

The new Classic Soane Type Tart Card


Classic Soane Specimen


Types for the New Century Exhibition

Specimen for Classic Soane



p.95 of The Complete Typographer


BBC Music Magazine June 2010 Cover


BBC Music magazine June 2010 issue



Empire Initials Banner Specimen


Ekho Specimen


ekho by students Will Hemming & Jack Sadler