Pure Soane Sans forms part of a reappraisal of the Regency architects intensions for inscriptional letterforms following a recent discovery of an overlooked early Sans serif letter on a pair of gate houses in Norfolk. These buildings were recorded as erected between 1790-92 with two Greyhound statues including inscriptional mottos on stone plinths contemporary to the building. The letters have distinctive widths and features, particularly the 'G' and 'J' which shares an idiosyncratic partial serif that is also seen on Soane's titling on the better known drawings for his proposed Norwich (Castle) Gaol of 1789.

These features have provided the clues to a new Sans Serif Typeface firmly based upon Jon Melton's published research: 'The Serif-less Letters of John Soane' and the 18th century origins of our modernist Sans. This article will be available to download here - later this year!


Pure Soane Sans Capitals